Black از Fnatic جدا شد

بازیکن نقش اول تیم Fnatic یعنی Black از این تیم جدا شد.
تا پیدا شدن بازیکنی جدید برای این نقش، مربی این تیم ADTR به عنوان Carry بازی میکند.
گفته های Ohaiyo در رابطه با جدایی Black:

"We are sad that we will have to let Black go, because we think it will be mutually beneficial for the both of us. Black is a good friend and very fun to be around, but unfortunately, we feel that the synergy is simply not there. I hope he will find a good team and start his new journey. On behalf of everyone at Fnatic, we wish him all the best."

گفته های Black در این رابطه:

"My stay at team Fnatic took a sudden turn, meaning I'll be leaving the team with immediate effect. I wish them all the best and I'm thankful to them for teaching me many valuable things for life. As of for myself, I'm still hungry and on the hunt, now probably more motivated than I've been for a very long time. I'm not sure where I'll end up going but I'll definitely still be playing. Lastly, a huge thanks and shout-out to the organization Fnatic, they're one of the best and most reliable organisations I ever had the pleasure to work with."

اخبار روز دنیای DOTA2 را به طور روزانه از کانال تلگرام کرش گیم دنبال کنید.

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