MyNuts از تیم Alliance جدا شد

بازیکن پست 4 تیم Alliance یعنی Johan “MyNuts” Andersson از این تیم جدا شد.

گفته های او در این رابطه:

“This past months have been a mixture of success and adversity but I’m happy to have played with Alliance during this time, even though it didn’t work out in the end. I wish all of them the best of luck going forward!”

همچنین کاپیتان این تیم Loda نیز در این رابطه گفت:


“Our time with Johan has been great, and even though we didn’t win any tournament together I think we achieved quite a lot together. We started off the season quite slow, with some lackluster results, but we fought our way back, and qualifying for the major together + winning the WCA Open Qualifier meant a lot to us as a team. Nonetheless we have all felt that something has been off, and even though our results at the major hit the team quite hard I would not put it as a reason to why we make this change.


We will announce our final roster after The Defense, where we will participate with a stand-in.


I wish Johan all the best in the future, and I know that sooner or later we’ll face each other on the battlefield again.”

اخبار روز دنیای DOTA2 را به طور روزانه از کانال کرش گیم دنبال کنید.


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میشه ترجمه کنید؟!
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میشه ترجمه کنید؟!

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