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  CrashGame League Season 2 Rules

- All games are BO3, elimination and same hero mode

- Games will be played on EU West(Luxembourg) server unless both players reach to an agreement on a possible server change location.

- Player who gets first 2 kill, first tower, or other player types GG,  wins.

- For the first game there will be a shuffle between players. who gets Radiant side will be able to choose between “what side to play (Dire or Radiant)”  or “first hero to play”. And for the second game the other player will chooses.

- Players are able to choose from this hero pool:
QoPQueen of pain, WRWindranger, PuckPuck, InvokerInvoker and TATemplar assassin

- You cannot pick same hero twice.

- 3rd game's hero will be SFShadow Fiend.

- You are not allowed to jungle.

- You are not allowd to Ancient farm.

- You are not allowed to buy Soul ring.

If a player breaks this rules loses the game.

1.Game Settings
1.a The Game Mode to be used is Captains Mode (CM), Tournament Version.
1.b Games will be played on EU West(Luxembourg) server unless the teams captains reach to an agreement on a possible server change location.
1.c Starting team: Radiant

2. Schedule
2.a Matches
Matches will be played at 14:30, 16:30 and 18:30 (CEST - +2:00 GMT)
2.b Lobby
The lobby for the matches will be created on time and the password will be told to the captains of the both teams.
2.c Join time
The maximum time for the teams to join the lobby is 30 minutes. In the first 15 minutes at least 2 players of a team should be present in the lobby and in case they were not ready, they have another 15 minutes to join the lobby.
The penalty to not be ready after 30 minutes of match time is a default loss.
2.d Change of match time
The change of match time is at max 2 hours and can be done by the confirmation of the both captains in which they should contact admins at least 2 hours prior the the match time.
If the two teams fails to be ready in lobby in 30 minutes, both of the teams will receive a loss.

3. Fixtures
3.a Group stages
In the group stages the format of games will be bo2 and the result of the matches should be reported by both captains or confrimed by an admin.
In these matches each team will once be at the radiant side and have the first pick.
The format of Upper Brackets will be Bo3 while the Loser Brackets format is Bo1.
In Bo3 matches each team will play radiant side+first pick once and then at the third match it will be decided randomly.
3.b Grand Finals
The Grand Finals will be a Bo5 match up.
In the Grand Finals, the team that finds its way up to the finals through Upper Brackets will play as radiant and have the first pick advantage then dire and so on. the last game of Bo5 will be random in terms of teams sides and first/second pick.

4. Points
The points system in group stages is as follow:
2 points for the team that wins the 2 games.(2:0)
1 point for each of the two teams.(1:1)
No point for the team that loses the two games.(0:2)

5. Ties
At the end of the group stages, a match as Bo1 will be held between two teams with the equal points.

6. Stand-ins
6.a Number of Stand-ins
The number of stand-ins for each team is 2.
Any change in the roster should be reported to admins 30 minutes before the match time.
6.b Tags
The Stand-in player should have the tag of "Stand-in." and rest of the players should have their own team tags.
The Stand-ins can't be a player from another team which is participated in the current tournament.

7.Disconnection issues
7.a Disconnection
In the case of a disconnection, the game will be paused (default F9) until the player has reconnected. Pausing without justifiable reasons will be penalized.
7.b Disconnection Time
The total time for each team in each match for the disconnects and other issues is 10 minutes. After the 10-minute period, the game shall be continued regardless of the situation.
In case a player from each team disconnects from the game the timer for each team will be paused until one side has full squad in game.
If All players from one team unintentionally disconnect, the opposing team is required to pause the game. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification, depending on the discretion of the marshal.
7.c Server problems
In the event of a server crash, the game can be reloaded on the latest save. 
The person who hosted the lobby will have the option (game setup option) to load a save file when they host again.
In the unlikely event that the reload does not work, the game will be replayed with the same exact hero picks and lane movements until the first creep wave of the Radiant and Dire side meet.
The game will not be replayed once the game has first blood, or after the first creep wave of both sides meet.
If one team has an overwhelming advantage and the opposing team was unable to reconnect, the team with the advantage shall be declared the winner (e.g., if one team has 11 hero kills and has destroyed 2 towers, then that team will be declared the winner if the other team was unable to reconnect).

8. All Chat,Flaming, Trolling and Cheating
8.a All chat
Only the captains of the two teams are allowed to chat in All section of the game. If any other member of the team happens to chat in all, the team will get a penalty point and  if it continues they will receive a loss penalty.
In case of a captain drop, only one player from each side can chat on All section.
8.b Flaming, Trolling
There is no spam allowed in the game and the penalized team will receive a loss.
Any flaming, cheating or usage of taunts on other players will be penalized severely and even might result in a ban from the tournament by the confirmation of the admins